Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

Some of your questions answered. 

1) Why is dog teeth cleaning so expensive? 

A vet dental is done under anaesthetic. There are usually blood tests and possibly scans done before the procedure.. it all adds to the cost upwards of £500 depending on your dogs needs, tartar build up and gum disease. 

2) Who does dog teeth cleaning? 

Ask your groomer if they do it as an add on to your grooming service. If not you can search for Emmipet Groomers in your area. They should be trained how to use it correctly and be insured. 

3) Where can I get my dogs teeth cleaned? 

If you’re in South Yorkshire, right here! 

4) How much does dog teeth cleaning cost? 

It varies from groomer to groomer. Our price is from £35.00 per 30 minute session. 

5) Do doggy denta sticks work? 

I would steer clear of these ‘treats’ and go with natural treats/bones. 

6) When should I start cleaning my dogs teeth?

From a PUPPY! Get them used to it at a very early age. 

7) Is dog teeth cleaning dangerous?

Only if your Emmipet Ultrasound Tech fails to notice problems, they should always refer to vet. 

8) Do we use anaesthetic? 

No we do not. Your dog is awake and this is a non invasive treatment that causes no pain. It has no vibration and is silent. It works via ultrasound waves that coupled with the special toothpaste and water, causes millions of nano bubbles that implode on the tartar, softening it enough for us to flick off. 


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