Professional Dog Grooming Spa

Professional Dog Grooming Spa

Treat your furry companion to the ultimate grooming experience at Janeiros Dog Grooming & Ultrasound Scan. Our dedicated team of professional groomers combines their expertise with a personalised approach to deliver top-quality care and attention to your beloved dogs.

With 14 years of professional grooming experience and City & Guilds Level 3 certifications, our skilled groomers possess the knowledge and skillset necessary to bring out the best in your pet's appearance. We stay up-to-date with the latest grooming techniques and trends to ensure your dog receives the most stylish and modern grooming services.

We understand that each dog is unique and has specific grooming needs. Our groomers offer a range of services tailored to meet your pet's individual requirements. From breed-specific cuts to personalised styles, we take the time to understand your preferences, ensuring your dog receives a grooming experience that suits their personality and enhances their natural beauty.

Our 1-to-1 grooming approach prioritises gentle handling, patience, and positive reinforcement techniques. This creates a calm and stress-free environment, particularly for dogs that may be shy or nervous. Our home-like salon setting further promotes comfort and relaxation, making your pet feel at ease throughout the grooming session.

Pamper your pet with our comprehensive grooming packages. From refreshing baths using premium vegan-friendly products to precise nail trims, ear cleaning, expert body clipping, hand scissoring, and even optional teeth cleaning, we offer a wide range of services to fulfil all your pet's grooming needs.

At Janeiros, we believe in providing professional grooming that not only enhances your pet's appearance but also prioritises their well-being and comfort. Trust our team to deliver exceptional care and attention to detail, leaving your dog with a refreshed coat, a bounce in their step, and a wagging tail.